Weight loss mistake that you don’t realise

To be honest and upfront about the weight loss diet claims, we wish we didn’t have to break your heart but most such claims are nothing but bullshit playing with your insecurities about your body weight.

We at EDGE Fitness, bring you the myth buster blog, stay with us till the end of it.

First thing first, learn the difference between diet and a lifestyle.

A diet is something that we do for a short term gain whereas a lifestyle is habit you incorporate for lifetime. We will focus on that a bit later. For now, we will talk about the mistakes you commit blindly following the weight loss diet.

If you’re trying to lose 5kgs in a week’s time , you might actually be able to do it. But its not going to stay that way. People following crash diet often gain even more weight after a period a time.

This is very obvious question that crosses your head is why does it happen , why don’t we stick to the results, when the diet course is over.

We always tell our clients at EDGE gym to remember that if there was a diet out there for everyone equally, we all would be skinny by now.

Anything that promises instant results are nothing but gimmick. This typical weight loss diet may include shakes, bars, pills and even the extremest laser therepy. If you have fallen in this trap of crash weight loss diet, please don’t give yourself hard time. Save your time and money for god sake and instead focus on long term goals.

Listing below are som the common mistakes that we do during a diet.

· Restricting calories. When calories are put in our body in a restrictive manner, our body goes into a state called ketosis. That’s why Paleo diet or ketogenic diet is a trend for weight loss methods. Interestingly keto diet supresses the feeling of hunger resulting in less calorie intake.

But calorie restriction is not actually sustainable for lonf term, reason why you end up gainng more than losing in the later part.

· Skipping breakfast – time and again t, studies have shown how a major population of the masses misses ouit their daily breakfast. People do it often with intention of cutting down on some calories but what they don’t realise is the sin they do later part of the day by the means of unplanned snacking , muching on something every now and then and sometimes overeating as well. You should never by any means skip your breakfast, it is the first nourishment you give to your body.

· Over snacking or No snacking at all.

· Forgetting to hydrate your body- Some people don’t realise this, but water really is essential when it comes to burning calories. When you’re dehydrated, your metabolism drags which means slower weight loss. Try carrying a water bottle with you always.

· Stop the ritual of cheat days- it is fine to have eat out occasionally but using it as a excuse to throw your health goals in garbage by eating out way too much in the name of Cheat Day or Cheat meals.

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