To understand this better, let us break this down into simpler form, starting from the question, What really are Carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates or carbs are the nutritional category for sugars and molecules that your body breaks down to produce energy. These sugar is stored in the body as glucose and glycogen, which it later used by the body as a fuel to carry out our daily activities. From waking up in the morning to bed at night, we need energy and therefore carbs are utterly vital for us for that reason.

Now the popular opinion is “Well, are you trying to lose weight? Cut down that CARB from your diet”.

Sadly our friend Carb has a bad reputation in this regards. However, we are gonna burst this bubble for you. The above statement is a piece of crap.

Here is the list of the foods which provides you carbs.

· Whole grains

· Rice

· Pasta

· Fruits

· Legumes

· Cakes

· French fries

· Brownies

· Pizza

· Burger

And the list goes on including your favourite fast foods.

In fact consuming any of the above food will anyway provide you with the carbs but you need to ask yourself which is more nourishing to my body.

Is it the French fries or the sweet potato?

Mind you, there is definitely a group of GOOD CARB category and so is BAD CARB category.

Eating fifty grams of carbs in the form of Sweet potato, you’d be getting vitamin A, vitamin C, some B vitamins , potassium and wholesome fiber and other nutrients as well. Whereas fifty grams of carbs can fulfilled by French fries but it also zero nutritional values while having that.

Even when your goal is to cut down some belly fat and lose some weight, don’t go hard on yourself by removing carbs from your plate.

Learn to choose good carbs.

-They constantly provide you SUSTAINABLE ENERGY to workout and daily chores.

-They CURB YOUR HUNGER SENSES , if you incorporate your meal with good carbs and protein, it is proven to curb the sense of cravings for bad carbs.

While the bad refined carb such as cakes & pastries contains processed chemical additives and sweetners.

-These bad carbs gives a habit of constant grazing and munching on food. You always tend to feel hungry.

-Due to intake of these carbs , your blood sugar level spikes.

So next time you find anyone labeling carbs as the culprit, correct them as they are highly mistaken.

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