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Before we move straight away to the snack recipes, lets just make one thing clear and that snacking is for everyone. Our daily eating habits comprises of the big meals like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner along with small muchies in between the meals also called as snacks.

Since, most of us has a tendency to over eat or binge snack, it usually results in eating unhealthy amount of snack leading to various problems like constant cravings of food and obesity.

There are certain rules complying to which you can have guilt free snack time.

· Your snack should not contain ADDITIVES, SUGAR, SALT, ARTIFICIAL SWEETNER , or any junk.

· Keep it wholesome. Use organic item for preparing snack than the packaged one.

· Make it tasty. After all it’s a snack and adding some natural flavour will be a treat to the tastebuds.

Now the part you were looking for, the list of easily prepared healthy snack options.



Ø Urad daal papad

Ø Chooped fresh onions

Ø Finely chopped tomatoes

Ø Chaat masala, black pepper powder, jeera powder & red chilli powder.

Ø Salt

Ø Finely Chopped coriander

Ø Lime juice


Take a urad daal papad and roast it on both sides in an empty pan on medium flame.

In a bowl take the chopped onion and tomatoes and add masalas and finally add the chopped coriander leaves . Mix them well.

Take a portion of prepared masala and spead it evenly over the papad and sprinkle some lime juice on the top.

Serve it in the evening.



Ø Whole wheat bread or Brown Bread.

Ø Cheese cream

Ø Chopped capsicum

Ø Chopped carrot

Ø Chopped spring oinions

Ø Black pepper powder, jeera powder

Ø Pink Salt

Ø Finely chopped coriander.


Take a bowl and add cheese cream. Add capsicum, carrot, spring onion, coriander along with spices and add pink salt. Mix them into stuffing.

Cut the egdes of the bread and spead the stuffing all over evenly. Cover it other piece of bread. Ready to serve in both morning and evening.



Ø Shredded paneer

Ø Brown bread

Ø Bolied potato

Ø Chopper carrot

Ø Chopped onions

Ø Garam masala, cinnamon powder, black pepper powder

Ø Salt

Ø Chopped coriander

Ø Ghee


Take a bowl and put shredded paneer. Add onion, carrot, coriander, boiled potato. Add the spices and Salt and mix and mash them properly.

Take a piece of brown bread and cut the edges. Roll the bread thin with rolling pin on both sides. Take the flatten bread and put the mash in little portion. Roll the bread with mash inside and stick the bread edges by dabbing little water, so the bread is stuffed and sealed. Apply some ghee on the pan and pan fry the rolls. Crunchy outside and soft spicy inside, ready to serve.



Ø Almonds

Ø Wallnuts

Ø Chia seeds

Ø Cocoa powder

Ø Dates

Ø Choco chips


You need blending machine or mixer grinder. Put almonds, Walnut, Cocoa powder and chia seeds and coarsely grind them together. After that add seed removed dates in the grinded powder and grind them again with thick consistency. Spread it on a foil paper and sprinkle some almonds and choco chips on top and press it. Keep it in refrigerator to cool. Take out after 15 minutes and cut into square pieces. Brownies are ready.



Ø Boiled sweet corn

Ø Chopped onion

Ø Chopped capsicum

Ø Butter

Ø Black pepper powder, chaat masala, jeera powder

Ø Pink salt

Ø Lime juice


Take a pan and turn the light flame and put little butter to melt. Now put boiled corn and onion and capsicum in it and lightly toast them or saute them. Put the corna mixture in a bowl and add spices and salt to it. Mix it well and finally sprinkle some lime juice on top. Ready to serve snack.



Ø Boiled potato

Ø Overnight soaked or boiled kabuli chana (chick pea)

Ø Mint chutney

Ø Tamarind chutney

Ø Lime juice

Ø Chopped coriander

Ø Chopped onion

Ø Chopped cucumber

Ø Chopped tomato

Ø Salt

Ø Jeera powder, amchur powder, chaat masala and red chilli powder.


Add all the items in a bowl and mix them well.

Aloo chana chaat is ready.


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